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Knowing How to Use EMR (Electric Medical Records)

Article Categories:

Basic Skills & What is a CNA?


Knowing How to Use EMR (Electric Medical Records)

Today’s modern world technology affects almost every part of our lives, from the time we wake up and check our smart phones to the moment we lay down and set the alarm. This includes our workspace, especially for the CNA. During your nursing assistant training, you will learn that a great deal of your time will be spent reporting information about the patients. You will be working as the eyes and the ears of the nurse, and that means you need to keep detailed records of everything that you observe each time you are with the patient.

Because technology has changed things drastically over the past few years, electric medical records (EMR) are used in almost every medical environment. These records are infinitely more efficient and useful when compared to the old method of keeping hard copy, paper records.

Your Study

During your nursing aide courses, you will learn about record keeping, and this is an extremely important skill to have. You need to thoroughly comprehend computer systems and the software used at medical facilities.

Many CNAs like to take computer classes if they are not especially comfortable when using information technology systems. However, if you are already fairly computer savvy, then you should have no problem learning how to use EMR in the medical facility where you are recently hired.

Using the Records

Medical recording is designed to be extremely safe and secure. Patient medical records are confidential and must be kept private by law. Any breach of that privacy can result in legal action against the medical facility. You will need to learn a few things from your nursing assistant classes. That will include knowing how to enter information into the software and how to keep that software secure.

Part of your job as a CNA is much more than just recording information. You will also need to ensure you are keeping confidential information private. You will most likely be given a username and password for log on to the computer systems. Whenever you are in a patient’s room, you will need to log on to the EMR and then enter information that you observe. You must always log back off from that computer system when you get ready to leave the room. Forgetting to log off will result in a breach of privacy that is illegal.

Thanks to today’s changing technology, medical recording has become more streamlined and efficient. EMR allows medical facilities to have fast and easy access to a patient’s medical records. When you begin your nursing assistant courses, you will need to understand how to use computer systems so that you can properly perform electric medical records duties in your job. You must always ensure that you understand how to protect patient privacy by always logging off of computer systems and never sharing your password. When you know how to use EMR properly, you will be able to do a more efficient job as a CNA.

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